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Logistics network in Western Australia

RIVET is a logistics company providing truck haulage across mining facilities and ports around Western Australia.


Road and driver safety first

iPad and Android Tablet App Development

We helped RIVET develop a mobile app for the iPad and Android compatible tablets.

The app is used to record vehicle wheel bearing temperatures which can be a potential hazard to the trucks if overheated. The app would alert the main office if any bearing is found to have an abnormal temperature and preventative measures can then be taken.

The app was developed using React Native, a cross-platform framework which allowed us to target both iOS and Android simultaneously. This provided the flexibility for drivers to be on either platforms and to reduce the development costs considerably.

RIVET app features:

  • Wheel bearing temperature recording
  • Alerts for abnormal temperatures
  • Support various truck configurations

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Very satisfied with Applickable's quality of work, professionalism, attention to detail and customer service.

Masoom Chauhan - Business Systems & Reporting Manager, Rivet Group