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Launched at a FIFA international match in 2016, RefLIVE started as an Apple Watch app for soccer referees right here in Melbourne. RefLIVE has since expanded to over 120 countries, supporting 8 different languages.


Empowering Referees

Apple Watch and Android Wear App Development

We helped RefLIVE develop an app for the Apple Watch and Android Wear compatible watches.

The app was used by soccer referees to replace the archaic notepad, paper and pen that most referees still use today. Using the watch, referees would be able to keep time, record goals, fouls and substitutions during a match. These valuable data is live streamed to fans and supporters who aren’t able to make it to the game. A match report is also generated to be submitted to their leagues.

The app was developed natively for iOS and Android. This provided a low-latency, highly responsive app which was critical for referees in a high pressure environment.

RefLIVE app features:

  • Watch app to keep time, record goals, fouls and substitutions
  • Live stream the data fans and supporters
  • Match reports
  • HealthKit integration with heart rate monitoring
  • Distance run with heat map

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