iOS App Development in Melbourne

Apple’s Platform for iPhone App Development & IOS App Development

iOS or iPhone Operating System is the platform used to develop software, used in all Apple products . This includes iPhone, iPad and iWatch.

Typically all iOS apps will require review and approval by Apple, prior to release to the App Store. Therefore it is important that the code for iPhone app development is written within the apple development guidelines. Given this process, iOS is typically designed with a well-protected shell, that is almost impossible for viruses to infect the app.

Apple typically releases a major update for IOS once a year, and therefore it is important to consider for ios app development to ensure that the apps are updated so that the app still works seamlessly and has no bugs caused by the update.


  1. Choosing the target platform – iOS / Android or both.
  2. Decide if it’s better to go native or cross-platform.
  3. Decide if the app should be developed on-shore or off-shore. Note that on-shore development companies may still outsource their development off-shore.
  4. Decide to release a cut-down version first (MVP) or with the full set of features.

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