Business Strategy

We understand the importance of a solid business strategy for anyone or any business looking to launch an app.

One should not assume that any app launched would immediately result in downloads. This might be true back in 2009 but as of today, there are 1.8 million apps on the Apple App Store and 2.5 million on the Google Play Store. How does an app cut through the noise and stand out? Every app is different and thus require a bespoke go-to-market strategy.

Once the app manages to gather downloads, what’s next? Is the business model a freemium model? Or does a subscription model better suit the nature of the app? Or maybe both? These are the type of questions that we can help get answers for. Having developed many apps in various industry, we realise that developing the app itself is only the first part of the puzzle. We are in for the long haul and would love to see every app we develop to succeed.

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