Web App Development in melbourne

Responsive apps for mobile and desktop

Web apps are sophisticated websites that relies on the internet for delivery and access to each device. With the reliance on internet, web apps typically has limited functionality while offline compared to a mobile app. Users will require a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari to access the web application.

Web apps are easily accessible without the need to download an app onto your device, this results in a quicker onboarding process for your target users. Another reason to prefer a web app is when the application require a larger desktop screen size to perform complicated tasks on.

Web apps typically require both front-end and back-end development. Majority of front-ends are written in JavaScript, using frameworks such as React and Angular, and can be used on the desktop as well as all mobile devices running on a web browser. Backend typically consists of some code running in the cloud that acts as the bridge between your app and a database. Majority of backend is written in JavaScript, Python or GoLang.

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