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Cherishing your memories

Winner of 2019 Victorian Protecting Children Award for Innovation, CaringLife is a platform to store memories during time in foster care.


moments for kids in foster care

iPhone and Android App Development

We helped the team at CaringLife to develop a mobile app for kids in foster care to preserve their memories during their time with a foster parent. It was crucial that we supported both iPhone and Android platforms that was where our target users were on.

To reduce cost and improve development speed, the app was developed using React Native, a cross-platform framework which allowed us to target both iPhone and Android platforms with a single code-base.

CaringLife app features:

  • Allow foster children and foster parents to upload memories (photos & videos)
  • Memories can be commented on and shared with their foster parents
  • Memories stays with the child as they move between foster parents

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We were able to launch the app on time, which is somewhat unheard of.

Emma Stirling - Managing Director, CaringLife