On-Demand E-Commerce For Groceries



Get your groceries delivered today!

Aircart is a platform that connects personal shoppers with customers looking to get groceries from their local supermarket.


On-Demand Grocery Delivery

iPhone and Android App Development

Aircart is a platform that connects grocery shoppers to customers. Think Uber but for groceries.

We helped Aircart develop 2 unique mobile apps, one for their shoppers and one for their customers. The app connects with Stripe Payments to automate 3-way transactions between the customer, shopper and fees charged by the Aircart platform.

Aircart shoppers are also provided with a bespoke credit card with Just-In-Time funding which they can use to make the purchases in store – only up to the amount purchased by the customer for the added security.

The app was developed using React Native, a cross-platform framework which allowed us to target both iPhone and Android platforms simultaneously.

Aircart app features:

  • Allow customers to shop in a nearby store
  • Notify all nearby shoppers of a new order
  • Guide shoppers through the entire shopping and delivery process
  • Manage 3-way payment transactions between shopper, customer and Aircart

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