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Applickable- The #1 App Developer Melbourne

Locally based with an international footprint

We are a local team of app developers based in Melbourne. We build bespoke digital products across various industries.

The team consists of experienced software developers, business strategists and technology experts who believe in face-to-face communication above all else.

With 10+ years in the app development industry, continuous learning ensures that we build apps using the latest mobile technologies and employing best practices in software engineering enables our team to be top of the field for app development in Melbourne.

We are with you throughout the whole design process, from MVP concept, product development, product launch, and continuous ongoing maintenance to growth strategy and consultation.


As the #1 app developer in Melbourne, we will never ship your code off-shore. Ever.

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Why Applickable?

Melbourne’s Finest App Developers

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Our developers are specialists in android app development, ios app development, web application development, and iphone app development in Melbourne.

We do not outsource any parts of the development of your app or website outside of Australia.

No Account Managers

Our developers deal directly with you. This eliminates the need for account managers and potential communication breakdowns.


Full access to our project management tools throughout the entire development process. Experience progress in real-time with continuous beta releases.

10+ Years Of App Developer Expertise bringing your ideas to life!

Trust that your project is in good hands with over 10+ years of experience building apps and websites used by customers all around the world.



We’ve worked with some of the most amazing companies