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We are a boutique studio of in-house app developers based in Melbourne.
We hope to support you from the minimal viable product (MVP) all the way to launch and growth strategies.


All of our apps are developed in-house, which allows us to support the entire product life cycle locally. We also utilize a test-driven development process which means that automated tests are written for every aspect of the app.


Rest assured that you will deal directly with your developers from the very begining. We will collaborate closely with you to ensure full transparency as we iterate on ongoing feedback.
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A good app should provide the user with a beautiful interface, to enhance their experience. The app will be developed with the final user in mind, adding ‘little pleasures’ to give your app a touch of uniqueness. An app that is so good it’s lickable!


Our work doesn't stop after the development is complete. We will endeavor to help you grow your product, employing various growth strategies through data analysis, measuring and evaluating customer feedback and iterating on the learnings.

Entire development is done in-house, with love in Melbourne.

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01. req. analysis

Regular face to face meetups before and during development of the app.

02. test automation

Automated testing that covers the functionality being developed.

03. implementation

Implement using best practices for security, scalability and extensibility.

04. acceptance

Acceptance testing to ensure all features are aligned with the requirements.

05. beta testing

Continuous release of beta versions to promote continuous feedback.

06. repeat from #01...

Iteratively develop each feature in a similar manner.


We build apps using the latest mobile technologies, employing best practices in software engineering.

We consult on the lean methodology, focusing on quick iterations, feedback oriented processes & data analysis.

Technology. Continuous learning.

Kaizen is always at the heart of our developers. We understand that learning never stops. iOS9 yesterday, iOS10 tomorrow.

Methods. Lean mean growth machine.

A lean startup is about being reactive. Reactive to customer feedback. Reactive to measured data. And at its heart, an extremely efficient feedback loop.

Just do it. "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Mark Twain.

Some interesting numbers.


Interesting and inspirational summary of stuff worth sharing. Knowledge acquisition one article at a time.

A Summary of the Blockchain Ecosystem
Oct 14, 2017  /  Shared By Ken.C

Presents a good summary of all the current blockchain projects categorised by the type of problems it addresses.

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A different viewpoint: Ignorance + Arrogance = Drive
May 12, 2016  /  Shared By Ken.C

"The best this cocktail will give you is a shot of putting a dent in the universe. No guarantees, no money back. But at least you’ll be unlikely to give up just because somebody told you to."

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How you can validate your idea before even spending $1
October 11, 2015  /  Shared By Ken.C

"Without market validation you’ll have a product that no one will pay for. You’ll burn a lot of time, energy and cash and you’ll end up stressed, probably depressed and definitely burned out."

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We might be moving into a passwordless era!
July 01, 2015  /  Shared By Ken.C

Learn how Medium implemented a passwordless signup on their platform. No more passwords, no more annoying verification emails.

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Advice for first time entrepreneurs
June 26, 2015  /  Shared By Ken.C

Entrepreneurship is hard.. Fail quickly, fail frequently. And more importantly, learn from your mistakes. At the same time, don't neglect your body. If you're unhealthy, your product will be unhealthy.

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Mobile growth strategies
June 23, 2015  /  Shared By Ken.C

Awesome article that describes growth strategies that focuses on the customer experience rather than business needs.

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The startup class every entrepreneur needs to watch
October 2, 2014  /  Shared By Ken.C

This set of lectures conducted at Stanford University in the Fall of 2014 is a must watch if you're thinking of building a startup of your own.

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Interview with Melbourne blogger Centplify
May 25, 2014  /  Shared By Ken.C

My first social media appearance.

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If you have a project or just an idea... Please feel free to contact us. We can help you get started.

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